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Superior knowledge of the law, concern for us as clients and thorough explanation and follow-through...
-- Wayne K., Los Angeles

Need Probate?

Have you been told that you need “Letters Testamentary” in order to access your loved one’s accounts? Then that generally means that the institution you are dealing with needs legal documentation from the probate court.

Generally, a probate is required when the person who passes away holds title to assets in their name alone which have a cumulative value in excess of $100,000.

Typically, the following assets would NOT need to go through a probate: (1) Assets held in joint tenancy (if the remaining joint tenant is still alive); (2) Accounts held as “Pay on death” or “in Trust for” accounts; (3) Retirement accounts which pass to a living designated beneficiary; (4) Life Insurance proceeds which pass to a living designated beneficiary; and (5) Assets titled in a Trust. (more)

Client Success Stories

Very professional. Very detail oriented. Outstanding employees. Very satisfied.

-- Kevin Y., Vista

Our experience with your firm was incredible!  We felt very comfortable with everyone involved, we're in awe of your organization and your efficiency, and we could not have felt any more relaxed about sharing our information with your proficient law office.

-- Wendy & Andrew S., La Verne

The Morgan Law Group has been a fantastic resource for helping me put my estate in order! I have known Darlynn for many years, and I found myself needing to put together a Revocable Living Trust in order to protect my assets as well as plan for those who will receive them. About 4 years ago I went through a divorce and up until that time, I did not really know the steps I needed to take in order to make sure I could give my assets to the people I loved. I made an appointment with Darlynn and found her knowledge and caring approach invaluable! It was the best investment of time and money I have ever made, as her direction was clear and easy to follow. She walked me through all the steps, helped me make decisions on benefactors, even helped me set up individual trusts for my nieces and nephews upon the event of my death. While discussing death is not a favorite topic of most people, Darlynn made the discussion easy and gave me great peace of mind. I recommend Darlynn and the Morgan Law Group to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, kind and responsive team to help them with their own plans. It is such an important decision and helps not only yourself, however the people you love plan for the future!

-- Ann D., Laguna Beach,