Client Success Stories

Just prior to leaving on an international trip, my husband and I realized that we had to look at our affairs and update our outdated estate planning papers.  We called on Morgan Law Group and were immediately ushered into a professional and...
-- Becky T., Newport Beach,

Need Probate?

Have you been told that you need “Letters Testamentary” in order to access your loved one’s accounts? Then that generally means that the institution you are dealing with needs legal documentation from the probate court.

Generally, a probate is required when the person who passes away holds title to assets in their name alone which have a cumulative value in excess of $100,000.

Typically, the following assets would NOT need to go through a probate: (1) Assets held in joint tenancy (if the remaining joint tenant is still alive); (2) Accounts held as “Pay on death” or “in Trust for” accounts; (3) Retirement accounts which pass to a living designated beneficiary; (4) Life Insurance proceeds which pass to a living designated beneficiary; and (5) Assets titled in a Trust. (more)

Client Success Stories

Working with your firm has been a rewarding and educational experience. I worked in law offices and with attorneys for years and your approach really sets you apart from the rest. Ryan and I were so pleased and relieved with the ease, professionalism and family-friendly environment you offered. You could not have made it easier for us.

-- Alyssa L., La Mirada

We recently had two children and knew we had to get our custody and financial distribution in order… Darlynn was so generous with her wisdom, time, and personal experiences. She gave honest opinions only when asked with no judgments given. The paperwork was all very professional, timely, and easy to follow. Everything was great. Thank you!

-- Leane & Alex H., Glendale

We appreciate the job Darlynn did in helping us with our estate planning. She was professional and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions without using ‘legalese’. I now have the peace of mind that should anything happen to me or my husband, our interests are well taken care of.

-- Connie V., Van Nuys

Peace of mind... This is what we now have. Working through the details with Darlynn and her staff was such a pleasure as this is a very difficult thing to do, and yet so important to be prepared for the future! Darlynn is so delightful and professional. She is also down to earth and we felt comfortable right away. Her expertise on estate planning made the process easy to understand. We highly recommend her services and professionalism!

-- Rich & Jan D., Los Angeles

Darlynn was prepared, thorough, and knowledgeable about the applicable law, understood me and my family’s desires and concerns, and imparted a sense of comfort in setting up our necessary trusts.

-- Michele J., Laguna Hills

We have been wanting to do it for awhile, but a trip out of the country propelled us to do it and stop procrastinating…. this was a great, easy process because of your sincerity, kindness and organization.  I loved how personable you are, and family friendly.  The process was very smooth and almost effortless on our part.

-- Jeff & Faith F., Santa Ana

Superior knowledge of the law, concern for us as clients and thorough explanation and follow-through.

-- Wayne K., Los Angeles

We appreciated your thoroughness, professional presentation using visual aids, friendly atmosphere [and] the warmth of hospitality expressed.

-- Monte & Darleen H., Yorba Linda

I knew I needed to do a trust, but I had always put it off. Darlynn and her staff made it easy for me. She explained everything in a very down-to-earth way. I will continue to recommend your firm to my friends who need estate planning.

-- Darren C., Anaheim Hills

Our experience with updating and implementing our estate planning was made so much easier by working with Darlynn.  Her knowledge and expertise gives us a peace of mind, knowing that our concerns are being met.  We know that we can rely on the Morgan Law Group for our continuing needs.

-- Louis & JoAnn C., Burbank